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Most things we do manually to get our businesses running, always have automated alternatives which is what we do through our software development and packages.

Digxi is a software, website designing and hosting, networking company. We also provide cheap alternative power supply and backup, as public power failure is a usual occurrence in Africa, sales of computers and computer accessories for our customers.

We aim at achieving unequalled database application development in Africa, concentrating more in medical and medically related software development and provision of related hardwares for our customers at competitive prices.

We also offer consultancy in hospital automation. Making us one of the foremost companies in Africa with the capacity to make hospital achieve a paperless hospital.

Our after sales service and technical support will surely ensure that our products purchased work perfectly for you. We assure you excellent service.

Our Services

We offer a arrange of services from website designing and hosting, computer networking, provision of computers and laptops and their accessories, solar generators, customised power backups (UPS). We offer consultancy in automation of hospitals and stores using our software.

We also customise our software for interested customers, making sure that our software give you your desired results at a very competitive price.

We can also develop database application for customers that would need a software for specified purposes, we would design software for you that would do exactly what you want.

We provide solar generators at affordable prices that would ensure all through the day (24hours) power supply. We also provide customised power backup, this is an efficient way of keeping your computers running for a long period of time pending restoration of main power supply on interruption of public power supply. The backups run on batteries.

Our Software


DISS(formerly marketed as Medikip) is a complete inventory software that makes you run your business with great ease and gives you the complete power on your business. With DISS, your physical presence will not be necessary anymore before you can fully monitor your business. We presently offer 14days free trial period for interested buyers to use this application and see if it would sooth the buyer's needs.

The features of Medikip are structured to make you run your store efficiently and profitably with ease, these features includes


  • Easy to use, It can be easily operated that you do not need to be computer literate before you can use it
  • Goods can be sold in different packages and at different prices i.e. you can sell Goods in retail, wholesale, pack, carton etc at different prices
  • Sell Goods at any desired price without changing the set price
  • Your Goods can be separated into 2 different stores
  • Goods can be grouped and sub grouped
  • Computers can be assigned to groups
  • Easy access to Goods prices
  • Handles Expiry of perishable Goods
  • Discount can be giving
  • VAT can be paid
  • Handles money tendered and change
  • Printable receipts on POS printer and normal printer
  • Allows inputting payment made to the bank
  • Alerts when selling at or below cost price
  • Know the total value of your store
  • Barcode scanning enabled
  • Sell Goods with serial number inputted
  • You can easily edit your stock
  • Set reorder levels for Goods
  • Easy access to Goods that is below reorder level
  • Know Goods that are out of stock
  • Know Goods below a desired number
  • Tabulate all your stock
  • Mark up prices with purchase prices by percentage or fixed value
  • Input customers' name on receipts
  • Keep customers' record
  • Know your sales for any desired period of time
  • Know the sales of any Goods for any desired period
  • Know your profit for any desired period
  • Know the amount sold by your attendants for any period of time
  • Know the amount of Goods bought by your customer for any period of time
  • Receipts can be reprinted
  • Goods can be returned
  • Keep record of Goods you bought into your store
  • Easy to retrieve purchases details
  • Create user account for your attendants and employees
  • Edit user account
  • Delete Users
  • Grant specified functions to different users
  • Keep record of your bank accounts and transaction
  • Handles all expenditures you make in your store
  • Logs activities done in your store
  • Fix maximum discount that can be given
  • Easily order Goods that need restocking
  • Easily view Goods ordered
  • Temporarily work without the presence of the server computer
  • Uploads activities done without the server computer when the server computer is available
  • Allows selling on credit to some customer
  • Keeps records of debtors and keeps the records of debtors payment
  • Keeps records of your creditors (records of Goods you buy on credit)
  • Keeps the record of payments to your creditors
  • Access to the application can only be granted by authorized persons
  • Your data can only be available on authorized computers
  • Only authorized persons can input without connection to the server
Database Back up
  • Automated back up on all computers using DISS
  • You can manually back up database on to any storage device

Digxi Technologies Limited

Consult is a software designed to make your hospital attain a paperless hospital i.e. a hospital that does not use folders (case notes). This software has features that make your hospital run at its optimum and it is easy to use for even little or no computer literate user (user friendly).

FEATURES OF CONSULT View features of the different plans of consult


  • Easy to use, Consult is designed to make history taking inputting as easy as ABC. Operation of Consult is designed in a way that health workers using the programme need little or no computer know how.
  • Creates paperless record.
  • Easy and quick access to patients' records (No misplaced file, no time wasting looking for patients file).
  • Generates reports that can be printed.
  • Good hospital database back-up, ensuring that your records are not lost even if the server computer should crash.
  • Keeps ante-natal records
  • Pictures can be added to patients' file.
  • 7 different user categories i.e.
    • Authoriser
    • Doctor
    • Nurse
    • Pharmacy
    • Laboratory
    • Record
    • Account
  • Help file that helps users on the usage of this programme.


  • Records cannot be modified unless an authoriser authorises the modification.
  • Only authorised users can gain access to the hospital records.
  • Secured database that can only be available on authorised computers.

Drug stock and Bills

  • Keeps the stock of drugs to ensure no or little drug wastage or theft.
  • Checks stock to see if any drug is running out of stock, this ensures that the hospital always have drugs in stock.
  • Makes bill of treatment and investigations ordered for patients, this ensures quick serve and consistent billing of patients.
  • Calculates the number of drugs to be given to patients, this also ensures quick serve and eliminate the error of under or over dispensing of drugs.

Inputting and retrieving Records

  • Easy inputting of clerking, almost no typing of inputs on clerking. You can even input your clerking faster than when you write on paper.
  • Gives access to the previous histories of the patient you are clerking while you clerk. You can easily refer to any particular clerking of the patient.
  • Can view clerking of other patients even while you are consulting another patient.
  • Can view biodata of any patient even while clerking another patient
  • Guide to dosages of drugs are displayed on selecting the drug for prescription i.e. you can now prescribe drugs even when you have forgotten the dosages of the drugs.
  • Drugs dosage prediction, when you select a drug for prescription, the popular prescription is automatically displayed for you. You can change this prescription if you desire.
  • Powerful query engine, this allows you to query your records i.e. both biodata records and clerked records. You can jostle a lot parameter in your query. With different output pattern (textual and tabular forms). (You will not believe what our query can do)
  • Generates encounters for HMOs.
  • Generates monthly and daily patients' attendance report.
  • Vital signs can be inputted before patients see the doctor.
  • Storable investigation reports


  • Easy inputting of actual patients bills
  • Printable receipts
  • Patients payments summary, this allows you to view all the financial transactions of patients with the hospital.
  • Also allows inputting of deposits and refunds
  • View all bills of patients.
  • View bill of patients for a selected day and month.
  • Inbuilt application's calculator

Customers' benefits

  • Free 1 months trial
  • Free database banking i.e. we can keep a copy of your database for you free of charge, in case there is loss of your database for any reason what so ever.
  • Free training of hospital staff on installation of Consult.
  • Free technical support.
  • Free updates for the first 12months.
  • Configure primary authoriser's (purchaser) mobile computers e.g. laptop, note book, so that he/she can have the database of the hospital in the mobile computer i.e. he/she can work on the hospital records even when he/she is not in the hospital.
  • Customize the programme for your hospital if you require specific or added features.

With many more features that would make medical records keeping easy and efficient.
Digxi Consult is a perfect and complete solution to hospital automation in Nigeria.


Dhmo is a software designed to manage a Health Management Organisation (HMO) automating the running of the HMO and it is user friendly.



  • Easy to use.
  • Stores information of providers and clients.
  • Easy and quick access to Enrollee data
  • Generates capitation/premium lists
  • Handles referrals


  • Comprehensive enrollee data keeping, enrollee pictures can also be added
  • Sorts enrollee: Enrollee can be sorted based on their providers, their place of work, on the plan they are on. These parameters can be combined to sort enrollees.
  • One touch retrievable enrollee data.
  • Enrollees can be grouped into Principal, Spouse and Dependant.
  • Enrollees' printable family photo card can be generated.

Capitation and Premium

  • Generates capitation list that can be sent to providers.
  • Calculates capitation to be paid to providers
  • Calculates premium to collect from client

Account and Banking

  • Keeps record of all capitation paid to providers and premium collected from client
  • Keeps record of added payment to providers and added payment from client
  • Keeps record of other expenditures and income.
  • Bank transactions can be recorded.
  • Retrievable financial and banking transactions.

Customers' benefits

  • Free 1 months trial.
  • Free training of your staff on installation.
  • Free technical support.
  • Free updates for the first 12months.
  • Customize the programme for your specific requirements.

Website design

We design responsive websites based on the requirement of a particular business or client. We built to perfection to suit your functional capability and artistic needs.

We go through the business profile and come up with the unique idea to design and create proper website for our clients.

We build creative Interface designs for web and mobile applications, giving your website visitors a wonderful experience on the site. We work broadly with application development companies, small firms and founders in getting the usability and visual of their needs.


In other to assist you get the optimum use of our software and services, please send a mail to us via the relevant email addresses.

If you are having problem with our software, other goods and services mail us at support@digxi.com

For enquiries and purchases please email sales@digxi.com

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The trial version of DISS allows you use DISS for 14days free of charge. This will allow you to assess the quality of the features of DISS

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